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Management Consultancy

Through DEINAS (Associative Integral Developments), we try to generate an alternative vision to the traditional consultancy services, providing an integral and holistic vision of the business or organizational problems.

This vision and my professional experience of more than 25 years are available to governmental programs, not-for-profit organizations, large companies and small and mid size companies.

I believe that the growing complexity requires dealing with some situations from a multiple point of view; this is why, I urge the decision-maker, if necessary, to call professionals who can, based on their capacity, contribute the elements which allow a proper interpretation of the facts or the information available (or to be surveyed) in order to proceed with the correct diagnosis that will be used as the basis for the Action Plan to be suggested.

The associative methodology (DIA) has been the result of these 25 years of experience and can be applied to the internal organizational phenomena of a large organization (intraorganizational associativism) as well as the phenomena between the organization and its environment (interorganizational).
In this second classification, we can include:

1-Value Chains
- relationship between large companies and their external suppliers
- relationship between large companies and their internal suppliers
- relationship between large companies and distributors
- relationship between large companies and union workers
- relationship between social players and public or private institutions

2- Business Situations and Problems (Large companies or small and mid size companies)
- how to grow and how to deal with the growth achieved to avoid crisis
- inadequate management
- lack of scale
- marketing
- organization  
- financing

3- Approaches for Local Development

If you are going through any of these situations in your organization, please contact us to establish a link with anyone who can actually help you understand your organizational or business management problems and then look for paths that lead to their solution.

Lic. Alejandro J. García

foreign trade | finanzas | marketing |  organization and systems |  integral planning | production |  human resources | safety and environment

The contents of this site may be freely used as long as the source (www.deinas.com.ar) and the author (LIc. Alejandro J. García) are mentioned.


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