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Proposals for Change



Proposals to Think a Better World (I)

0- The relevant value to be considered is "the defense and maintenance of life in decent conditions for every human being” keeping the capacity of making decisions about its destiny.

Then, the following is suggested:

1. Reformulate and/or limit the concept of private property

In order not to lose the incentive capacity provided by the creation capacity, a private property regime would be maintained on personal property only (house room, personal vehicle, domestic electrical appliances, savings (subject to the permitted limit) and companies developed (subject to the limitations suggested).

2. Reformulate the salary incentive system

This implies reducing the gap among those who earn most in an organization.
a. Thus, the highest income may be up to 8 times the lowest income.
b. The lowest income may be lower than the shopping basket of food, drinks, clothing, lodging, miscellaneous utilities (energy, telephone, Internet, health and entertainment).
This income must allow an individual or a family, as the case may be, to cover the definition of health by the WHO.
It will be the own initiative, formation, capacity and acceptance of the reference group the factors determining the role of each individual in such organization.

3. Tax burden, return on the invested capital and savings

Any amount of money exceeding the amount set forth in 2.a) (for individuals) shall be returned to the State in the form of a Social Redistribution Tax.
Likewise, in the case of companies having an excess over the total costs (benefit), the maximum annual return on account of the shareholding may not exceed 3% of the capital invested in such shares.
The rest may be paid as a “Redistribution Social Tax”.
This percentage, as well as the difference between income and individual consumption, may be saved by each person or reinvested in shares of companies which need to increase the capital in order to extend or improve their activity; in housing; etc.
The personal money savings will receive an annual interest of 1%.

4. Capital Market

a. No shares will be traded.
b. The market may only issue shares representing capital increases to be applied to new real investments.
c. No investments may be made in shares, except those acquired by the companies to make organizational restructurings.
d. Shares are not transferable to third parties or heirs.
e. Once the shareholder has died, shares pass to the State, which administers them through an autarkic and autonomous body controlled by the Congress.
f. There will be organizations administering personal or corporate savings to turn them into construction, initially, dwelling construction. 3

5. Role of the State

a. The State must be in charge of providing, on its own or through third parties under the charge of the state, the basic communications, education, energy, justice, health, transportation, and any other type of activities allowing the integral development of the human being.
b. Under no circumstances may the State be separated from the sovereign willingness of the people.
c. Under no circumstances may the representatives be separated from the sovereign willingness of the people.
c. Under no circumstances may the representatives restrict the rights of the people.
d. The most significant role of the State is to ensure that ALL the INDIVIDUALS which make it up have the same possibilities of developing as persons, in decent conditions.

6. Application of the “Redistribution Social Tax”

This entity will be in charge of providing retirement payments once the requirements for their grant have been complied with.
Also, it will provide employment insurance so that any economically active person may collect compensation and/or a pension, as the case may be.
Heirs, whose predecessors used to hold shares, once the declaration of heirs has been passed, will become the beneficiaries of an average retirement payment each while they are alive or until the depletion of the capital representing the shares initially inherited that passed to the State.

Proposals to Think a Better World (II)

Overcome the crisis and the current financial income system.
A revolution in peace is possible.

a. Privatize the foreign debts of all the countries

It is essential that we understand that the current economic model generates a fictitious financial income which may not be absorbed by the actual economy (as it is) and, in turn, a virtual economy which tends to be more unstable and incontrollable as the model departs from the ACTUAL economy.

Privatizing foreign debts means that the capital invested and the corresponding interest (up to 3% annually) may be exchanged by shares of companies which will develop activities within such a term that the profit generated may allow the repayment of the debt.

I) What activities to develop?

1. Alternative energies – wind, solar, hydrogen, others

2. Forestation
(In the case of ARGENTINA, 20,000,000 HECTARES, FOR EXAMPLE, FOR 45 YEARS).


II) What changes are made?
Papers and profits generate actual employment, and actual effects on the economy, the environment and, above all, human development in the regions.

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