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Our Vision

In this context of global and instant connectivity and communication (with a vast number of inhabitants and institutions in all the continents), we can also find, paradoxically, the greatest economic, social and cultural inequality among the individuals that are part of the different communities.
This is the reason why we believe we should make it easier to find new options, alternatives that allow us to leave "the egocentric self" aside and to go for a “supporting we” to build up from the individual itself the plurality and diversity of the society, as an organized community.


From the Vision to the Mission

There are instruments and there is the necessary, though not sufficient, knowledge for transformation and we should work together towards organizing a harmonic, effective process keeping the mind and the heart open.
If necessary, we will have to develop the tools that can adjust to this proposal of collective construction from individual freedoms, respecting the single nature of each individual.  



“Associativism” is one of the “foundational” instruments we will consider, not in the “literal” sense but translated into our work methodology, to achieve the common goals, based on the agreements that allow us to recreate values and produce actual “value” and value perceived by the different players, in search for benefits that match the risk and the efforts in line with the social end pursued by the individuals of the society-environment.

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